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Purple Sprouting Broccoli with Thai-Style Dressing

Asparagus is probably the most popular spring-time vegetable. However, as one might imagine, there are other vegetables coming into season at this time of the year. After all, we don’t live exclusively on asparagus in the way that the Irish in the nineteenth-century lived, almost comically so, on a diet composed almost entirely of potatoes. The subject of this post, purple sprouting broccoli, is one of the most interesting of the current seasonal treats. This rather attractive vegetable, or brassica to be more precise, is beautiful both inside and out. In my opinion, purple sprouting broccoli is a far more interesting ingredient than asparagus in both its taste and appearance. This variety of broccoli is also, as it happens, far cheaper than asparagus. Indeed, it works out at a little less than half the price.

Serendipitously, today marks the concluding day of the Thai New Year, or Songkran festival. It is rather strange how my discovery of purple sprouting broccoli, an ingredient known to suit Eastern flavours rather well, coincided exactly with this celebration. Obviously, the dressing which accompanies the broccoli isn’t traditional in the slightest. However, the flavour it imparts does remind one of the essences of Thai cuisine.

One thing I ought to mention is that the ‘tips’ section of frugalfeeding has returned. It has been streamlined and simplified and should help to give even those of you who are particularly well off an improved impulse to feed frugally. I hope it comes in handy.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli with Thai-Style Dressing

Serves 4


• 250g purple sprouting broccoli

• 2 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced

• 1 lump of ginger, finely chopped

• 1 tsp dried chilli flakes, finely chopped fresh chilli would also work

• A glug of olive oil

• A drizzle of white wine vinegar

• Salt and pepper


1. Steam your broccoli gently over around half an inch of water. This should take no more than 4 minutes. If you cook it for any longer it’ll begin to lose both its flavour and its goodness.

2. Sauté the garlic, ginger and chilli gently in a generous glug of olive oil. Pour this over the cooked broccoli, season and scatter with a little white wine vinegar. Serve with pasta or steamed rice.

Cost: Despite what people may think, good ingredients can be had cheaply. The broccoli used in this recipe was top quality and grown in the UK, yet the dish only set me back £1.90 including the accompanying carbs. Using ingredients wisely really does pay off.

102 replies on “Purple Sprouting Broccoli with Thai-Style Dressing”

I loved this.. it’s just the post I needed to see today (with it still snowing outside) They almost look like hyacinths.. beautiful purple color to serve! I’ll see if we have this here, it would be lovely to try!

I love purple sprouting broccoli, it’s one of my favorite veggies. I usually do a sauce from Nigel Slater’s Tender Vol. I, but this one looks great too.

I think your dressing would go well with sugar pea shoots, though they are probably similarly priced to asparagus. Worth it though, for the indulgence!

just gorgeous! I love psb! I really think it’s underrated. love it (especially roasted) not just for its flavour but the beautiful purple florets. got yet another bag of it from the farmer’s market on saturday might very well do this as I have all the ingredients. may sub the salt for fish sauce for more thai-ness.

Spotted this in my inbox just as I sat down to plan next week’s meals. It’s definitely on the list as I also see there is PSB to come in my veggie box – can’t wait!

I’ve studied it extensively, being an historian – I didn’t mean to suggest the result was comical, I was merely poking fun at outdated and unreasonable nineteenth century prejudices that were held against the Irish. Sorry that you took offence.

On my trips home I’ve been munching on pounds of the stuff from the garden, and yes I make a thai style dressing too! I think you can almost taste the iron and vitamin B’s when you eat PSB. Strnagely I don’t see it in France at all. Now looking forward to sampling more when I get home )

Whoa, I’ve never seen purple sprouting broccoli before! But it looks beautiful. Love how simple this dish is. Great stuff.

Reblogged this on Bountiful Backyard and commented:
I’m proud to say that today Bountiful Backyard marked it’s 2,oooth hit! Thank you to my readers! I’d like to share this post from a cooking blog that I joyfully follow called Frugal Feeding from the UK. After seeing this purple sprouting broccoli dish, I’m on a mission to find purple sprouting broccoli seeds for the garden. So unique and beautiful!

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog! I love asparagus, but brokkoli is also a good choice if you want to eat veggies in spring… Simplicity at its best! Love it!

Wow I have never seen purple sprouting broccoli before. Almost too pretty to eat. Ohh never mind I would get over that quickly if you put a plate with your yummy Thai seasoning on it in front of me. Take Care, BAM

Oh lucky you! I love broccoli but I doubt the PSB are readily available in Singapore. We do have the common broccoli, the chinese variety (kailan), as well as broccolini. I’m guessing even if I do find the PSB, I’m quite sure I would have to file it under the non-frugal category!

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