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Indian Minced Beef with a Fresh Tomato Salad

There are many things one can cook with a punnet of minced beef; it is perhaps one of the most versatile ingredients available. This, for instance, is a variation of a dish I used to eat a lot of at university, though since I’m a much better cook than I was 2-3 years ago it tastes slightly better. This recipe is taken from BBC GoodFood, though I used my own blend of spices and perhaps even my own initiative at times – do not be too shocked, WordPress.

One of my true loves when cooking food is creating simple dishes which make use of only a short list of ingredients, yet taste better than those which are far more complex. In my humble opinion, this is one such dish. Each and every flavour is incredibly punchy, yet they are individually distinguishable from one another. The tomatoes and coriander provide a freshness to an otherwise devilishly warming plate of food. I’ll admit to having eaten copious amounts of this over the weekend – it is dangerously moreish. I thought my days of eating gargantuan portions of food unnecessarily were over; it turns out that this isn’t the case, though I’m rather sure I’ll survive what should have been a critical blow to my self-esteem.

Please, readers, if you set about making this dish use your own spice blend, or at least the one I have provided. I realise that it can be a little time consuming and often rather irksome having to traipse around one’s local supermarket hoping to find all the necessary flavours, but it surely is worth it. Pre-mixed curry powders provide one with standard blends of spices which will cause one’s curry to taste like it was brewed inside an insipid school cauldron. I suppose there must be interesting varieties out there, but one can only imagine that they are rather overpriced. One may serve this dish in any way one pleases; it is rather nice in a wrap, though if one was in a rather more traditional mood a naan would do quite nicely.

Indian Minced Beef with a Fresh Tomato Salad

Serves 3-4


• 400g minced beef

• 1 onion, diced

• 3 tsp of curry powder

• A generous handful of red split lentils

• A pint of stock, chicken, beef or lamb will do

• A handful of cherry tomatoes, quartered

• A handful of coriander leaves, finely chopped

• A fresh red chilli, finely chopped

• Seasoning

• Oil


1. Quickly toast the spices in a little oil, then add the onions and cook until they have become translucent. Add the minced beef and cook until browned, break it up as you go along. Add the stock and the lentils and boil at a rather high temperature until the lentils are tender and the mixture isn’t too wet. Serve in a wrap together with a few of the tomatoes, a little of the coriander and sprinkling of the fresh chilli – this will provide a final little kick.

Cost: This entire meal, including the wraps should cost no more than £4, which makes each portion a rather tidy £1. Now, to make use of what has become an informal British idiom, you can’t fay fairer than that.

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So, yesterday I read a comment on some blog somewhere about how photos of raw meat/poultry can’t be nice. And I was all like: what? That’s not true – it just has to be done right. And then you go and post a perfect example of a beautiful uncooked meat photo. Proving, once again, that I am right about everything. (And that you’ve got mad skillz.)

I think uncooked meat can look very beautiful. Sometimes, they were finished dishes. Carpaccio, tataki etc are great examples of beautiful raw meat.

I guess it helps if it looks clean and the lighting not too severe…so it looks like food and doesn’t look like a massacre.

I’m going to be very sad if I can’t use the phrase “insipid school cauldron” at least one time this week. I’m also tempted to go to bad restaurants just so I can insist something tastes like it was made in one. This however, looks very yum. I am also a fan of the versatility of mince meat.

This is right up my alley. I will be making this one soon enough!!
I always see that beautiful wooden table in the photo: Love it!
Thanks for visiting, too.

Indian mince – keema – is one of our favourite meals, and both frugal and easy! I do use a purchased keema spice blend – one from Pakistan, I think – some mixes are ok, really! It’s a case of finding the right one. 🙂

My extended Malaysian family have never made their own curry powders, although they are very persnickity about the ones they buy. Mostly they have to come from my mother’s home town and have been made by a little old lady at the markets. 🙂

This looks delicious! Being American, I had to pull out my cell phone to use the conversion app (g to oz) because I learned metric 30+ years ago in school and don’t remember it. After following your blog for a while, I’ll be a pro at converting measurements! So 400g is about 10 1/2 oz. I would use a full pound (16 oz), as that’s typically how ground beef (what we call minced beef across the pond) is packaged here. Funny, I was scratching my head over “minced beef”, thinking I would have to take a slab of beef and finely dice up. Then I scrolled down and saw your photo and said “Ah Ha”! I’m eager to try making my own curry from your recipe, it sounds tasty.

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