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National Chocolate Week: Chocolate Biscotti

In honour of National Chocolate Week which starts tomorrow (10th-16th October) I bring you a variation on a well-known twice-baked Italian cake which I have been itching to make for quite a while. Biscotti, or biscotti di Prato which in literal terms means biscuits of Prato, as a result of the method by which they are cooked are very dry and crunchy which makes them perfect for either a long and arduous journey such as a Crusade or, more commonly, with coffee. Generally they are made with almonds and the only reason that I have deviated from the classic recipe is the imminent arrival of the aforementioned celebration. However, fear not, as I promise with hand on heart, as well as fingers forcibly separated, to deliver the classic version in the not too distant future.

As for variations on a theme of this recipe, one may add pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, chocolate chips or coffee to the uncooked dough – each will give it a rather individual flavour and texture, though I have opted for the good ol’ plain biscotti.

I realise this blurb is rather short but I’ve spent literally all day in the kitchen cooking all manner of culinary delights and really must crack on with my pot of Welsh cawl. Enjoy the biscotti, they are truly delicious.

Chocolate Biscotti

Makes 15-20


• 180g plain flour

• 40g cocoa powder

• 1 heaped tsp baking powder

• 120g golden caster sugar

• 2 eggs

• A pinch of salt

• Optional extras, as mentioned above


1. Heat the oven to 160C and line a large baking tin with greaseproof paper. Mix together the flour, cocoa, baking powder and salt thoroughly in a large bowl. Whisk the eggs lightly in a separate bowl, before adding the sugar and mixing until uniform. Stir the wet mixture into the dry and beat until a soft dough has been formed. Gently knead the dough on a heavily floured surface for a minute or so.

2. Form the soft dough into a long and fairly thin log, bake this in the oven for around 20 minutes, or until it has a firm crust.

3. Cut the crust into slices 1-1.5 cm thick. Return the slices to the oven dish and bake them for a further 15-20 minutes, this dries them out and gives them a crunchy quality. Let them cool before devouring.

Cost: Without adding any optional extras these delicious little twice-cooked cakes should cost no more than around 80p to produce. I was stunned when I realised biscotti in Costa or Starbucks cost in excess of £1 each!

79 replies on “National Chocolate Week: Chocolate Biscotti”

NATIONAL CHOCOLATE WEEK? Why is this the first I’m hearing of what should be an internationally recognized holiday? I’m obviously going to a) make these biscotti, and b) consume as much chocolate as humanly possible this week.

Indeed! My mother just mentioned it to me, so I thought I had better celebrate the occasion. Look out for a chocolate tarte or torte later in the week, I can;t decide which. Don’t kill yourself by chocolate please.

Not a huge fan of biscotti, being a southern lady, I’m tempted to try these. I’ll let you know. First I’ll have to convert grams to cups;-) I’m inspired to post my son’s favorite chocolate pie in honor of the chocolate recognition week.

Your biscotti look delicious – great post! Weirdly for me I haven’t baked anything chocolatey this week – the one week a year when I should be 🙂 This has inspired me though – planning to make some of your biscotti tomorrow eve, yum!

Thanks for telling me about National Chocolate Week AND for showing me step by step pictures of how to make biscotti. I’ve always wanted to try it but never have and now you’ve motivated me. Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Pat

I love it when people actually make my recipes :D. In reply to your other comment :- I think I should change my definition of frugal to making things considerably cheaper than they are to buy, not simply under £2 per portion.

PS your point on the cost of the biscotti is an interesting one, and I’m often shocked at what places like Costa and Nero charge for their cakey things. I can make a large baked cheesecake (23cm tin) for under a fiver, especially when Philadelphia cheese is on special, yet the shops charge around £3.50 per slice! It’s outrageous, especially considering their buying power.

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