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Butternut Squash and Leek Soup

Before we get onto the soup may I ask you, my beloved readers, whether your blog has also become akin to a full time job? I seem to find myself spending hours making sure every post is as good as it can be, commenting on other blogs, replying to comments on my blog – it really can take it out of you. Having said that, I’m still very much enjoying my blogging experience and shan’t be going anywhere for what I hope is a considerable period of time. However, I may no longer have the time to reply to every single comment simply because I’m now getting so many of the damn things I can’t keep up. Actually, I say “the damn things” but actually I love each and every one as it means you’ve actually taken an interest.

Right, now the vomit has been done away with one should probably move on to the recipe at hand. Autumn really is the season of soups – they are so warming and comforting, and utterly delicious when executed perfectly – ideal for this supposedly chilly time of year. As such, a higher than average number of soup recipes shall be finding their way onto FrugalFeeding in the coming months. This is already my second, and a third shall be stumbling upon my palette in the next few hours.

To be honest, this is an incredibly simple soup recipe which came out of what I could find around the house. I had half a butternut squash remaining from my Autumnal Indian Soup and there were also a couple of half dead leeks lingering in my fridge following our last trip to the supermarket. The chives were the only serviceable herbs left in our half-barrel and I think they worked particularly well. Please enjoy this soup that’s ideal for this uncertain and turbulent time of the year – feel comforted wordpress!

Butternut Squash and Leek Soup

Serves 5-6


• 250g butternut squash, cut into sizeable chunks

• 2 large leeks, washed and roughly chopped

• A large knob of butter

• A good slug of olive oil

• A pint of vegetable bouillon

• Seasoning

• A handful of fresh chives, finely chopped


1. In a large, preferably cast iron, pot fry off the leeks and squash in butter and oil until they have softened. Add the vegetable bouillon and seasoning, simmer until the squash is tender.

2. Blend the chunky broth in a food processor – one may need to do this in batches. Once it has all been blended return to the heat and add the chives. Serve with bread, creme fraiche and perhaps a chunk of cheese.

Cost: The entire soup cost me around £1.20 to make which is absolutely incredible. It means that each portion of soup, not including any bread or cheese, costs around 20p. Two portions of a soup of this quality in a supermarket would cost around £2 – what a mark-up!


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Yep, totally like a full time job. I’ve had to cut back my posts to 3-4/week because it’s just too much for me to do. But, we do it because we love it – right? 🙂

The soup looks delicious! Will try it out for sure though will wait for the weather to cool down bit 🙂 By the way try roasted squash soup sometime, has a nice warm flavour.

I totally agree on the blog thing but I love to write so it’s a passion. I also take advantage of the scheduling feature so it allows me to cook up a bunch of things and then schedule it all to run on specific days. 🙂

BTW, I love your blog and I will sure be trying this soup. It looks great and would be great with some crusty bread with goat cheese. Yum!

Thanks for your kind words! I love your blog and I’m rummaging through it at the moment. Your pictures are gorgeous- what do you use for lighting?

All the best,

you don’t need to respond to this, but vomit and soup is an hilarious juxtaposition.. you will be fine.. relax.. any pressure we feel is from ourselves!.. bloggin is for fun you know! c

Having a full time job really gets in the way of blogging. I haven’t had enough time to do it as much as I would like these days.

I’m looking forward to soup season. Looks good!

Beautiful and looks delicious! Wanted to also let you know,I made a version of your lemon tart (gluten free and dairy free), turned out absolutely amazingly delicious. I gave you a couple mentions in my blog. Congratulations on getting so many comments that you don’t have time to reply, that’s a blessing! 🙂

Yip, full time job it is! I am like a dog at a bone though so have to stay consistent and to help me along the way, I now only post on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, freeing me up a little to keep up to date with all the blogs I read and comment on.
Great recipe!
Have a happy day.
🙂 Mandy

I think blogging passed into the relm of ‘full-time job’ when I started writing posts in my head while I was out walking/gardening/driving, etc…Wouldn’t give it up for anything! And, you ‘meet’ such interesting people!

Fab-looking recipe, will give it a go!

Blogging should always be a pleasure, not a chore! Sometimes it does seem to eat up a big part of my life – it’s not just the writing itself but the cooking and the photos, but then if you love doing something, it’s usually worth the effort 🙂 Another great post – perfect for these dark autumnal evenings…

Aww, you beat me to it! I actually have this for my October line-up. hahaha…Aren’t you excited it’s October? All the warm, earthy flavors emerge and all the harvest and food never fail to hit home!

I’m sure this is quite a treat. I hope you and your loved ones enjoyed it as much as I did just looking at the picture. yummm!!!!!!!!!

blogging can be like a full time job, but it’s a nice escape from everything. now that fall and the holidays are coming up, i feel that i won’t have as much time to put towards my blog. maybe i need to schedule in some time!

luv the soup by the way

Yes, my blog does take up a decent amount of time too. It’s nice to have a food blog though, because we have to eat anyway, so why not document it? 🙂 I do find myself on the weekends thinking, okay I have to plan some good meals so I have a decent blog post! I’m pretty new to it, and it takes time, but I’m enjoying it too.

I obsess over all my posts which is why I don’t do it nearly enough. Your soup is gorgeous! Perfect for fall.

I completely understand, I spend so much time on mine posts, but I always feel so happy to share my ideas. I really enjoy reading your recipes, please keep it up. It’s totally worth the work, and don’t stress yourself out, just skip a day or two and you’ll feel more relaxed.

Beautiful soup, I like the idea of the squash with the leeks versus the usual potato. No need to reply, just wanted to check out the soups you’d mentioned. 🙂

So pleased that autumn is here and it’s finally time for butternut squash soup again. Interestingly enough, I happened to have some leeks that also need using up. I think I know what I’ll be making soon!

“A large knob of butter, a good slug of olive oil” I love your raucous language, it makes soup making sound so much more fun than “one tablespoon of butter, one tablespoon of olive oil”. Lively! And it looks so delicious. I will just veganize it with earth balance instead of dairy butter.
Thanks for the fun!

I love butternut squash and your recipe sounds sublime! So perfect for autumn.

And yes, blogging takes me forever too. I moaned about that in one of my own posts not too long ago. I mostly blog about books so there’s that additional factor of reading a novel that inflates the time commitment. But the reading is something I’d do anyway even if I didn’t have the blog.

I appreciate your comment on my blog as it led me to yours. Well done.

I always appreciate your comments on my blog. I cant wait to make some of these yummy soups you have posted– in Texas we are a little behind Wales in the cold weather, but we will get there!

Yes, it takes forEVER to come up w/the dish, take the perfect pics, make sure it is good enough to even post. Then write about it, edit, etc. Once you’re done, it feels like you’ve given birth. Well, sort of. This is why I don’t post every day. Great blog, keep it up! 🙂

[…] It is my firmly held belief that butternut squash is one of the most enjoyable ingredients available in the autumn – it is simply delightful. Its name seems almost too perfect; when cooked to perfection it has a buttery quality and a sweet, nutty flavour. Moreover, its colour is so vibrant and so quintessentially autumnal that it really couldn’t belong to any other season. Happily, beyond these qualities it also works very well in many of the different types of food eaten at this time of year – soups, casseroles and rustic bakes. I already have so many recipes that make use of this fruit; it’s almost embarrassing that I should upload another! For a few more ideas, please see these delightfully frugal posts: butternut squash and sage risotto and butternut squash and leek soup […]

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