Baking Buns Christmas

Mincemeat Christmas Buns


Christmas creeps up, doesn’t it? Hopefully, I’ve not left these Mincemeat Christmas Buns until too close to the big day. If you’ve got time on your hands, these are a surprisingly simple-to-make festive treat that the whole family will – probably – enjoy.

Breakfast Gluten Free Healthy Eating Vegetarian

Healthy Homemade Granola


Granola has to be one of my favourite breakfast cereals. It’s delicious. It’s moreish. And for good reason – most of the granola lining the shelves of your local supermarket is far from the healthy start to the day it’s marketed as. So, I never buy it.

Baking Cake

Easy Vanilla Pound Cake

Easy Vanilla Loaf Cake Recipe

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking this rather easy recipe for vanilla pound cake a little on the boring end of the cake spectrum. In fact, you’re probably right. But there’s something special about a well-made pound cake that’s difficult to put into words – is there a more perfect accompaniment for your afternoon tea or coffee?

Italian Vegetarian

Creamy Polenta with Mushrooms


I spent last Christmas in and around Lombardy. And while it’s not a region as famed for its food as other parts of Italy, it’s certainly no culinary slouch. After all, it’s the home of taleggio! But what you should truly be on the lookout for is the mushrooms, picked in the mountains and paired with a plate of creamy polenta enriched with salted butter, bay and nutmeg.

Baking Swedish

Cinnamon Buns (Kanelbullar)


If you’re after a sweet, sticky and generously glazed cinnamon bun, you’ve come to the wrong place. Instead, these let the quality of the enriched bread and already sweet cinnamon filling do the talking. To my mind, that makes these more akin to the famous Swedish kanelbullar than what you might consider a cinnamon bun to be.