Eccles Cake Recipe

Growing up, Christmas was the same event year in, year out. The same meal, equally identical decorations and mince pies indistinguishable from one another. That’s not to say that any part of what was dished up was disagreeable, but change helps keep occasions exciting.

A quick and easy rendition of the classic mince pie, these Eccles Cake Mince Pies are packed full of homemade mincemeat and made with flaky puff pastry. Christmas indulgence at its finest.

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Christmas Mincemeat Recipe

Used in a variety of recipes – though primarily, Mince Pies – in December every house has at least one jar of mincemeat at any time. Usually a blend of poor quality brandy and mixed dried fruit, shop bought mincemeat is much of a muchness. This Pear and Fig Mincemeat is different, and is sure to give your mince pies an edge this Christmas.

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Nutmeg Marzipan Recipe (3)

It’s that time of the year again; the one month of the year when marzipan is universally enjoyed and in prodigious quantity. Whether it’s separating your Christmas cake from royal icing or simply rolled into a ball and popped in your mouth, marzipan is a true Christmas tradition. However, despite its simplicity most marzipan is shop bought, yet there is no comparison. Homemade is simply superior in every way. Let me show you how to make it!

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