Homemade Jam Doughnuts

How to Cook The Perfect Doughnut

Growing up, I scarcely indulged in doughnuts; the idea of eating a deep-fat fried ball of – usually heavy and bland – enriched dough never truly getting my juices flowing. These days, good-quality doughnuts seem easier to stumble upon, but they can be expensive. Homemade Jam Doughnuts are a different matter entirely; light, fluffy and devastatingly delicious, there’s almost nothing better. And to cap it off? Homemade doughnuts are surprisingly simple and unabashedly frugal; providing, of course, you make your own jam.

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Blackberry and Basil Swiss Roll

How do You Make a Swiss Roll

The first thing to note is that Swiss rolls are deceptive; they have nothing to do with Switzerland. And though I’m usually deeply offended by misnomers, the Swiss roll more than makes up for it aesthetically and in terms of flavour. Moist but deceptively light – on account of a lack of butter – you’ll find yourself unable to stop rolling once you’ve realised just how simple this cake is to make. My recipe for Blackberry and Basil Swiss Roll is no exception.

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Blackberry and Basil Jam

Recipe for Blackberry and Basil Jam

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that blackberry and basil seems like an odd combination to use in a jam recipe. You’re right. It is. But it’s a combination that works brilliantly well. Don’t think of the basil as tasting as it would in a pesto dish; it doesn’t come across as powerfully. Instead, this Blackberry and Basil Jam is a sweet and fragrant preserve, which will be enjoyed without so much as a frown.

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Breakfast Hash

How to Make Breakfast Hash

It was difficult to know what to call this dish. A delicious combination of potato hash and shakshuka, with sausage tossed in for good measure, it seemed like ‘Breakfast Hash’ was the only viable option. The best of a bad bunch! Whatever you want to call this recipe, it’s certainly a recipe best suited to breakfast or brunch, served alongside a strong coffee for a spot of Sunday morning recuperation.

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Greengage and Honey Compote

Greengage & Honey Compote

If you like plumbs and want to cook with them, look no further than the humble greengage. Adorably small, attractively green and somewhere between bitter and sweet, greengages lend themselves well to a wide spectrum of sweet dishes, bakes and preserves; not least this simple, yet devastatingly delicious Greengage and Honey Compote.

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