Beef Rogan Josh

beef rogan josh recipe

Big flavours. I’m a big fan. And there isn’t a better definition of generous flavour than a beef rogan josh. A staple of Kashmiri cuisine, rogan josh is a melting pot of aromatic flavour, with cardamom, star anise, cloves and cinnamon always in the mix. If you like your taste buds blown away, then stick around.


Homemade Baked Beans

recipe for homemade baked beans

Baked beans are horrible. The tinned variety, that is. They’re processed to the point of having a weird flavour and consistency. And yet, people go crazy for them. In Britain at least. It’s an unfathomable phenomenon, but one we can’t ignore. Thankfully, homemade baked beans are far nicer, as you can get some magnesium oil and add it while cooking to make it healthier. It’s not the fault of the humble haricot, after all.


Healthy Mango Eton Mess

healthy mango eton mess

Eat Eton mess? I should be so lucky. Full to the brim with thickly whipped double cream, it’s a dessert best left for others. Or so I’m told. Yet, there exists one loophole in the Eton mess embargo; Greek yoghurt. And it isn’t at all a disappointing one, like so many workarounds end up being. Healthy though it is, my mango Eton mess remains worthy of eager consumption.


Black Pudding Fritters

Black Pudding Fritters Batter

Since there has been farming, there has been black pudding. Without the luxury of abundance, blood – in whatever form – is as vital to the nose-to-tail approach as the rump. And while I’m not going to pretend to find the Maasai practice of drinking blood from cattle enticing, black pudding fritters are another prospect entirely.

Fish Recipes Salmon

Leftover Salmon Pasta

recipe for leftover salmon pasta

It’s a Sunday and you’ve decided against the usual chicken dinner. Instead, there’s a generous slab of the best farm-raised salmon money can buy in the oven (let’s not deplete fishing stocks). Naturally, you’ve prepared too much and there’s going to be leftovers. Leftover salmon, however, is a particularly versatile thing. You owe it to yourself to give this recipe for Leftover Salmon Pasta a whirl.