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Cornish Hevva Cake

The Hevva Cake – or, heavy cake – is a traditional Cornish cake, made simply without leavening or eggs. Associated with the Cornish pilchard industry, its name is associated with the landing of a shoal of fish at which point the huer on the clifftops would cry “hevva, hevva”, the cue for the wives of […]

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Ale Braised Ox Cheek

As you may have deduced, when an animal is slaughtered every part of it is butchered. Though this may appear, on the surface, to be a somewhat obvious and worthless statement, it does highlight potentially important ramifications. Remember, every popular cut of meat (leg of lamb) has a less-loved or even unknown counterpart (ox cheek, […]

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Moroccan Meatballs

To my mind there are two characteristics most dishes of Moroccan descent ought to possess; vibrancy and a slight sweetness. You will, of course, be glad to hear that these Moroccan meatballs enjoy both qualities and are exceedingly frugal. Then again, as this blog should have taught you, rustic, hearty food often holds the latter […]

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Lamb with Black Olives (Agnello con Olive Nere)

Is there any finer meat than lamb? If cooked properly, no other meat can match its exquisite taste and texture. Of course, beef has its virtues, but it lacks that little sparkle of flavour that forces me to freely admit that I am a little in love with lamb. Hold the jokes. There is but […]