Smoky Tomato and Lentil Soup

Smoked Lentil and Tomato Stew

At the risk of straying directly into the realm of cliché, winter is one of my favourite seasons where food is concerned. Why? Comfort food weather. And this recipe for Smoky Tomato and Lentil Soup keeps itself firmly within the comfort food perimeter.

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Tagliatelle Primavera

Tagliatelle Primavera Recipe

Winter is all about simple, comfort eating. But that doesn’t mean every meal should be a stew. Tagliatelle Primavera (literally ‘spring’, but we’ll ignore that bit) is a simple, one-pot pasta dish, perfect for the early year. Weekends especially.

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Irish Soda Bread

Recipe for Irish Soda Bread

Though baking bread is simple, not a lot of people do it on a regular basis. The reason? Time. Bread takes time. Well, almost all good bread does. But there is an answer. A simple one; Irish Soda Bread.

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Leftover Mincemeat Apple Crumble

How To Use Leftover Mincemeat

Christmas is over and the New Year has been and gone. And while it’s proving difficult to come to terms with the fact it’s 2015, I bet that you still have some of 2014’s mincemeat hanging around in your fridge. But what is to be done with leftover mincemeat? Well, you can give this recipe for Leftover Mincemeat Apple Crumble a try for starters.

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Lamb Liver and Rosemary Pâté

Lamb Liver Pate Recipe

Full of rich flavours and ingredients, this recipe for Lamb Liver and Rosemary Pâté works exquisitely as a starter or accompaniment to cheese on Christmas Day and beyond. Spread thickly on a lightly toasted slice of bread, Yule soon be in festive heaven.

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