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Springtime Minestrone

Springtime Minestrone

Minestrone is perhaps the greatest way of bringing together the best of seasonal produce in one dish. My last recipe for this ‘big soup’, Autumnal Minestrone, unified leeks, beans and carrots in a delicious broth, which proved to be pleasantly warming and hearty. This springtime rendition lightens things up a little with fennel, peas and spring onions, evoking the time of year in both colour and flavour.

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Leek and Pea Risotto

Leek and Pea Risotto Recipe

You know, for someone who has never been a massive fan of the garden pea, I’m writing an awful lot of recipes that include them. One doesn’t usually ever come to terms with a pulse that was once forced upon you by a primary school dinner lady.

Nightmares were had; you can be assured of that. Indeed, they still aren’t particularly loved in this, very specific, corner of Wales – they taste a little too green for my liking – but it seems to me that their positive traits far outweigh their negative.

For instance, peas may be in possession of a rather suspicious green taste, but they are also ridiculously cheap and healthy. In my eyes, this paragraph is testament to just how good my pea and mint soup was – its taste was incredible, yet its main constituent was the humble garden pea.

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Creamy Garden Pea and Mint Soup


It occurred to me this morning that a loving relationship hasn’t yet been fostered between soup and I this year. By and large soup is seen as something warming, hearty and intended for the colder months of the year. However, it should be remembered that one can make a delightful soup out of almost anything and that there are some rather extraordinary warm-weather recipes out there. The combination of pea and mint is one that has been explored here already this year and it is clear to see why. The peas and mint work wonderfully well together, with the former providing the first breath of taste – a flavour which reminds one instantly of an English walled garden – and the latter lingering on in order to tempt the next spoonful into one’s mouth. Indeed, two such beautifully fresh ingredients were made for such a dish.

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Rhubarb, Strawberry and Orange Compote

Since it’s coming to the end of the rhubarb season, I thought it best to give you lot a couple of recipes which include this fabulous vegetable. However, I’ve not always considered it fabulous; in my younger days it was looked upon, by me, as a most contemptible ingredient. To be fair, it is easy to see why, since rhubarb does have an inherently bitter component to its flavour; which is why it’s always cooked with sugar. Luckily, as I’ve grown older my tastes have come to love the tang which accompanies fresh, seasonal rhubarb. The less said about forced rhubarb, the better.

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Potato, Pea and Mint Quesadillas

Fear not, it is perfectly clear to me that Mexican food isn’t composed entirely of a long string of dips and side dishes, such as guacamole and refried beans. Indeed, how strange it would be to have a nation of perennial nibblers living among us. So, safe in the knowledge that there exists, on this planet, no colony of human sized rodents in possession of an immoral number of carrot sticks, I embarked upon the first “proper” dish of the ‘Frugal Does Mexican’ series.