British Madeira Cake Recipe

Despite its name, Madeira Cake is a traditional British sponge cake. It has no connection with Portugal, except in name. In fact, it’s only gently flavoured with citrus – usually lemon – making it one of the simplest pound cakes in the repertoire. Continue reading

Mushroom Cobbler Recipe

There’s something indulgent about crowning an already delicious mixture of ingredients with heaving spoonfuls of cheesy, creamy scone batter. And while the contents of my recipe for Mushroom and Kale Cobbler may seem immoderate, they conspire to create a wholly comforting meal. One you’ll find almost irresistible.

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Chocolate Scone Recipe

Scones are a weakness of mine. A plain, British-style scone spread with difficult to justify quantities of clotted cream and strawberry jam is a vice tricky to control. But because scones are such a blank canvas, without any added flavour, they are real fun to experiment with. The result? Coffee and Chocolate Scones.

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Cherry Bakewell Tart Recipe

Cherries and almonds go hand in hand; their flavours combine seamlessly. Despite not being entirely traditional, this recipe for Cherry Bakewell Tart is even more tantalising than the original. And for those of you a little tentative about attempting what appears to be a complex bake; ignore those feelings. It is so simple, you’ll not know why you didn’t try it sooner.

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Tenderstem Broccoli Tabbouleh Recipe

One of the many joys of spring is the reemergence of a whole range of crisp, sweet vegetables cultivated Britain. Being frugal and buying British is so much simpler once the weather warms up. Every vegetable and herb in this Tenderstem Broccoli Tabbouleh recipe was grown in Britain; even the tomatoes. And the quality of each ingredient speaks for itself.

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