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Hello! Thanks for visiting frugalfeeding, a food blog about eating good, well-sourced food as economically as possible. Cheap isn’t a word we use here.

You’ll not find unappetising recipes for plain pasta dishes here. Instead, my aim is to provide you with the means and ways to deliver low-cost and beautifully presented  meals to your table.

Getting around

Probably the best way to navigate frugalfeeding is via my painstakingly constructed recipe index. Once there you’ll find numerous links to every recipe on the website categorised into various sub-headings.

If you have your wits about you you’ll have also noticed my tips page. After all, being frugal is so  much more than a recipe; it’s a way of life and a way of thinking.

Over the past few years frugalfeeding has allowed me to indulge my passion for writing beyond the blog itself. If you’re interested in seeing some of my work, or finding out a little more about me see my press page.


Then there’s the man behind the blog – Nick. I like coffee and eating indulgent, slow-cooked food – humble but delicious. Beyond food I have an almost insatiable range of interests, from cycling and running, to classical music, reading and technology. Happily, my current home of Bristol allows me to indulge all of these freely – it’s a wonderful place.

I also like cycling too much. Far too much. So much so, that I’ve started up a second website devoted entirely to coffee, cake and cycling. You can check it out here…

Professionally, I’m currently Marketing Manager at a fantastic social media agency, Digital Visitor, based in the centre of Bristol.

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If you need to get in touch with me directly for any reason at all please see the contact page…


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