Easter biscuits are exactly as they are described. Biscuits – in the British (accurate) sense – given to friends and family on Easter Sunday. They are lightly spiced – traditionally with cassia oil – and punctuated temptingly with intense currants.

Since today is Easter Sunday I thought I’d simply wish you all a happy Easter and allow you all to look upon the wonderful creation that is my Easter cake. There really isn’t much to say regarding this creation, it’s made of copious amounts of chocolate and that’s all the information one needs. However, seeContinue reading

Being Welsh, I’ve always looked forward to Easter Sunday, with its promise of a whole roast leg of lamb, served with sweet, seasonal vegetables and a dollop of homemade mint sauce. However, the best part of the whole Easter experience is deciding what to do with the leftover roast lamb, inevitably thrust into the fridgeContinue reading

Za’atar is a blend of spices immensely important and popular in Middle Eastern Cuisine. Though there is not one bonafide recipe, za’atar is generally composed of a combination of dried thyme, oregano and marjoram, along with toasted sesame seeds and salt. In addition to these staples, one or more fresh herbs may be added –Continue reading