Raspberry and Amaretti Birthday Cake

As I’ve mentioned before, today is my 22nd birthday. In addition to the box of presents Katherine bought/made/cooked for me, she baked a rather spiffing birthday cake. However, since it’s my birthday and the recipe is pinched from here, I shan’t be doing a full post – merely making you all a little green. Envy my cake, for it is delicious!

Cost: Though this cake probably isn’t as cost effective as some that I have made, it is still surprisingly cheap. Raspberries are, at this time of year, exceedingly inexpensive – usually around £1 a punnet – and the rest of the ingredients can be found at reasonable prices if one shops around. I have to admit that Katherine didn’t make her own amaretti, but the cake still came in at around £3.50.


68 thoughts on “Raspberry and Amaretti Birthday Cake

  1. Kate Olsson

    HB Frugal. Hope your day was full to the brim with delicious delights – I agree with Aimee@Clevermuffin – Katherine might be nipping at your food-blogging heels – watch out!

  2. spree

    (Will you just look at what you did to me! I’m green all over!) What a luscious sounding cake and a very lovely sounding Katherine! Happy happy birthday Nick!

  3. Granny

    Would you have any objection to a Gaelic birthday greeting? Co là breith sona dhut (Happy birthday to you)… and Slainte! (Cheers!). Is there any cake left?

  4. Heather

    Whoa only 22, craziness – I for sure thought you were a 40 year frugal old cooking english genius :) this cake looks crazy amazing! At least I was dead on the frugla cooking english genius part!

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