Spicy Pumpkin Seed Popcorn

Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

Did you know that pumpkin seeds go pop? Just like popcorn, only it’s a little less spectacular. But what popped pumpkin seeds lack in volume, they make up in flavour. Already more flavoursome than standard popcorn, Pumpkin Seed “Popcorn” becomes an exceptional snack with a simple addition of cumin, chilli and salt.

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Om Ali (Egyptian Bread Pudding)

Egyptian Om Ali Recipe

Om Ali is a storied dessert. There are a number of tales that purport to explain its origins. Whichever is correct, and I’ll not regale you with them here, one thing is for sure; literally translated, ‘om Ali’ means ‘mother of Ali’. But more importantly, it is the Egyptian take on the British classic bread and butter pudding.

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Brown Chickpea Bhuna

Brown Chickpea Bhuna Recipe

Despite what most Indian restaurants would have you believe, a bhuna is a curry with strong flavours, but very little sauce. Sticking with the traditional approach, the miniature pulses that make up this Brown Chickpea Bhuna are held together by a powerfully flavoured and concentrated masala. Deeply fragrant, it makes for a wonderful accompaniment to any curry.

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Lamb Kleftiko

Lamb Kleftiko Recipe
A traditional Greek dish, Lamb Kleftiko takes its name from the ‘Klephts’ (thief or brigand); highwaymen who took it upon themselves to oppose the Ottoman oppression, having taken to the mountains during the 15th Century.

Having no animals of their own, the Klephts would steal goats and lambs, cooking them secretly in sealed clay ovens in the ground. Slow cooked in a sealed container, the method of preparing kleftiko is clearly influenced by the forced conditions of food preparation in Klepht communities.

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Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal Recipe

Rajma Chawal (kidney beans with rice) is a popular Punjabi dish, traditionally prepared with red kidney beans and a simple blend of spices. A homely one-pot dish, rajma chawal is considered comfort food and widely enjoyed across north India.

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