Fig and Pear Crumbles

Fig and Pear Crumble Recipe

Is there anything more attractive than a fig perched in a nest of sweet pears and buttery crumble? Of course not. These individual Fig and Pear Crumbles are a great way to impress family members and dinner guests alike at this time of the year. But be quick; fig season is almost over and they’re nigh impossible to get your hands on at a reasonable price once winter hits.

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Hazelnut and Pancetta Brussels Sprouts

Christmas Brussels Sprouts Recipe

What can one say about brussels sprouts that hasn’t been said a million times over? Much maligned, they have been dealt a dodgy hand in life, even by vegetable standards. This is simply unfair. Butchered decade after decade by unknowing hands, it seems that many just don’t know how to cook brussels sprouts. But the preparation of these mini-brassicas is simpler than most seem to think, as this recipe for Hazelnut and Pancetta Brussels Sprouts proves.

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Individual Fig and Goats Cheese Pizzas

Fig and Goats Cheese Pizza Recipe

The time to buy figs is now. With the season in full flow – but nearing its end – a glut of both foreign and local fresh figs has gripped the nation. Get them now, while they’re still cheap and try your hand at my quick and easy recipe for Individual Fig and Goats Cheese Pizzas; one of my favourite recipes for fresh figs. With sweet and savoury aspects equally prevalent, these pizzas make for intriguing little starters that – provided you have dough to hand – won’t take at all long to make.

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Homemade Jam Doughnuts

How to Cook The Perfect Doughnut

Growing up, I scarcely indulged in doughnuts; the idea of eating a deep-fat fried ball of – usually heavy and bland – enriched dough never truly getting my juices flowing. These days, good-quality doughnuts seem easier to stumble upon, but they can be expensive. Homemade Jam Doughnuts are a different matter entirely; light, fluffy and devastatingly delicious, there’s almost nothing better. And to cap it off? Homemade doughnuts are surprisingly simple and unabashedly frugal; providing, of course, you make your own jam.

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Blackberry and Basil Swiss Roll

How do You Make a Swiss Roll

The first thing to note is that Swiss rolls are deceptive; they have nothing to do with Switzerland. And though I’m usually deeply offended by misnomers, the Swiss roll more than makes up for it aesthetically and in terms of flavour. Moist but deceptively light – on account of a lack of butter – you’ll find yourself unable to stop rolling once you’ve realised just how simple this cake is to make. My recipe for Blackberry and Basil Swiss Roll is no exception.

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